Why Spazi D

Spazio Designer Homes (PVT) Ltd. is an interior designer company with 20 years of back up expertise from our sister concern THE DESIGNER. The uniqueness of Spazi D is the INSTANT FURNISHING, DESIGNER CONCEPT, which is clear in its own words. We are committing the work completion in 25 days.


About the Management

Spazi D Is the brain child of Mr. Shaleel K.A, The Managing Director, since its inception on 19th May 2015. Mr Shaleel has put his heart and soul in developing this concept to provide economical solutions and value for money to all customers.


We have a state of the art factory with all sophisticated equipment, man power and materials to be used in executing the interior designing work. we also assure you that the quality of materials and the workmanship will be the best in the field. We provide turnkey solutions to our customers. Our intension is to provide the ideal solutions for customers especially N.R.I's, who have very minimum time for doing interiors.

Rest assured that there is no room for compromise in the quality and finishes. We have created a total package which would meet the requirements of the customer with ease. The rates are highly competitive.


Our Merits

Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients 'expectations. We are in constant search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives. Team work based on the implementation of progressive communication disciplines. Professional quality of service provided by a highly motivated team. Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis. Strong technological background. 24/7 availability.

Company overview

To achieve high quality within budget and on schedule. Our principles are creativity and appropriate interior style to maximize customer satisfaction. We have consideration of environmental conditions and use advanced technology agreeing to the ecological system. With these goals and principles, our work achieves an excellent standard of design and brings satisfaction to all. We believe our passion for constant challenges and perfection will lead us to be one of the best integrated instant interior design company in India and overall worldwide.

Our values

  • Our passion for creativity is expressed in everything we do.
  • Seamless services and on time delivery.
  • Themes and colors to match customer taste.
  • Innovative design down to the smallest detail.

Our mission

To complete a residential unit in 75 days along with instant furnishing.